Trefriw Woollen Mills

Welsh Tweed

Our heritage tweeds are ideal for garments and soft furnishings (but not upholstery).

Our tweed yarns are blended from several colours of dyed raw wool to give a heathery effect. The coloured wool is carded (combed), spun and woven here in Trefriw

We have a wide selection of tweeds and we change the colours regularly, which means we have limited production per colour, per product and this makes your purchase individual to you.   As well as selling our tweed by the metre (150 cm wide, £52 per metre + p&p) we have the following products in our tweed which are all one size and can be viewed in the photos above.-

  • Cushion £38 + p&p
  • Poncho £130 + p&p
  • Cape with hood £210 + p&p
  • Cape with collar £205 + p&p
  • Ruana £112 + p&p
  • Gatsby cap £38 + p&p
  • Scarf £21 + p&p

Tweed Sample Request

Tweed Sample Request

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